Monday, December 22, 2008


Just before Melanie came in and told me the great news about not doing the procedure I was reading in Ezra. The rebuilding of the temple had started then was stopped but the Jews resumed the work. Some people asked King Darius to make them stop. This is where God just amazes me...glory to Him! King Darius came back with not just a decree but a "moreover"! He said to leave the work alone and moreover give them whatever they need from the royal treasury! God just did a "moreover" here with Witt! We still don't know about the amount of fluid but the procedure is stopped. Moreover, he wants Witt taken off the ventilator as soon as possible and he wants him to go home as soon as possible! I had been asking for God to do more than we could ever ask for...a "moreover". Glory to God...may the name of Christ be exalted more than it has ever been!

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