Wednesday, December 17, 2008



Urgent prayers for Witt's heart... it has enlarged more since he arrived at the hospital. They are doing tests as quickly as possible and working hard to make the best decisions in this moment.

There is now concern about Witt's heart. It is enlarged and it could be that the heart's condition is actually what is causing this infection. The reverse still could be true (that the respiratory infection led to the heart being enlarged), but they are taking a very close look at the heart and trying to figure out what to do from here. They are also testing for spinal meningitis (which is fairly standard on any baby this small with respiratory infection). Mel and Austan are with Witt as they are waiting for more results and answers. Please continue those fervent prayers.

They think Witt will be in the PICU in the hospital for a week while he is treated and heals. The test came back that he does have bronchialitis and that he does NOT have RSV.

Since the doctor was concerned that Witt is having too work too hard to breathe, they put in the breathing tube. It took them awhile but they were able to get an IV in also. Karen says the doctor has been wonderful so far, explaining everything very clearly to Mel and Austan. There are quite a few people working on little Witt. Thank you for your continued support and prayers... it truly sustains us!

They think Witt has bronchialitis (a respiratory infection in the lower bronchial tubes) so they are putting in a breathing tube to help ease his breathing. This will help him relax and then they'll start treatment. The nurses comforted them that the breathing tube should not be hard to remove once Witt is feeling better. Witt is now being admitted to the PICU, the Pediatric ICU, because he is too old for the NICU, neo-natal ICU.

This morning they took Witt back to Texas Childrens Hospital because he was breathing very quickly and seemed cold. When he arrived at the emergency room the nurses evaluated him and took him immediately for oxygen (his levels were in the 60's and should be in the 90's). Witt is currently being given oxygen and they are working to warm him up. They are trying to get an IV in to keep him hydrated (but are having trouble and might have to use a bone). X-rays will be done soon to confirm if he has a respiratory infection or what the source of this is. We are so thankful God gave Witt such attentive parents and loved ones who knew when something needed extra attention. Please continue to pray for Witt, the nurses and doctors, and the family today. I will post more as soon as there is more information.

"Hear my prayer, O God; listen to the words of my mouth." -PSALM 54:2


Biker Chick said...

Prayers of strength and resilience are being said for Witt and his parents. Stay strong!

Kelli said...

Praying that Witt's breathing eases qucikly, the infection heals even quicker, the nurses to be attentive, the doctors to be skilled and wise, and for his mommy and daddy to have strength.

Maggie said...

You have our fervent prayers.

Raley Family Blog said...

We are lifting up Witt to our Father in Heaven, our Protector and our Healer. We pray for a quick recovery and praise God it is not RSV. We pray for God to give Mel and Austan peace and the doctors and nurses wisdom to know how to best care for Witt. Love you guys,

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Fran Mays said...

Praying that answers and healing come quick!