Monday, December 8, 2008


Witt's kidney tests are done for today!
He had the ultrasound done first thing this morning. After that the technicians called the urologist to see why he even needed to have a VCUG test done again so soon (he just had this test done a month ago and normally it is performed 6 months to a year apart unless there is an infection or other issue). The urologist is out-of-town but his nurses could not find anything in the notes to indicate that Witt needed it done. So Witt didn't have to have the VCUG test done today after all! I know firsthand what a huge blessing this is for Witt as well as Mel and Austan. My daugther has had the same test and it is very uncomfortable for the babies to have the test done and very hard on the the parents that are holding them down while it is performed. We thank you Lord for sparing the Luphers from that today! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Next we ask for prayers for the results of Witt's ultrasound. They will meet with the doctor on Monday to go over the results. Thank you for your constant prayers for our sweet little guy!

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Vickie said...

I thank God that not only the doctors are watching over Witt but that He also gives technicians good judgement in their jobs. How astute the tech was in recognizing that he had just recently had the test. Praise the Lord for answered prayers and that He continues to watch over Witt with loving care. I love you Witt.

Grandmother Vickie