Thursday, December 25, 2008


Without a doubt, this Christmas has brought such different perspectives to my life. God has certainly used this to clear all the worldly clutter away to bring me back to truly appreciate the birth of Christ! On a much lighter side, I also have some new appreciations. I appreciate the fact that in the PICU waiting room at Texas Children's there are big recliners (about 20) basically in a circle for family to sleep in. Melanie and I stayed 8 nights there so she could be with Witt around the clock. I always woke up to fresh coffee and some kind of breakfast treat! It's hard to really describe how funny it is to go to bed or actually "go to chair" with total strangers. One night I fell asleep and awoke with a man I had never seen just inches away! Now, I have come to really appreciate a hospital room. Witt is in his own huge room...2 TV's, dvd player and a couch that pulls out to almost a full bed. Witt is doing wonderfully! He just ate over 3 ounces from a bottle and is resting in Melanie's arms. What a God....what a day....what a Savior! Merry Christmas to all!!!


cheryl said... a proud (and lucky)member of this family I just want you to know that the Lupher/McCord family is not only making a HUGE impact on total strangers, but you are making different, and I honestly pray, "better" people out of your close famly members! We continue to watch in awe as you cling to your faith...even today when you should be with us in Colorado...but I haven't heard ONE "feel sorry for me"...instead, I've seen PRAISING...Joyful and Triumphant PRAISING!!! I have witnessed the true meaning of Christmas and the message was delivered once again in the form of sweet little baby boy!
We miss you and we love you dearly! I've never been anxious to get home but this year, I AM!

Raley Family Blog said...

Merry CHRISTmas! I wanted to let you know that you are a huge testimony to me. I praise God Witt is doing better and I am thankful that God chose to give our family sweet Witt to teach us all so many things. Merry Christmas. I miss you all.
Love, Alicia

Jenn said...

Merry CHRISTmas! This brings tears to my eyes and peace in my heart at the same time! I love you and am so thankful that God has placed such awesome family members to care and pray for Witt! My mom gave Alicia and myself the best ornament this year that says FAITH! It is front and center on the tree. It is a constant reminder to pray for Witt. I miss you and love you all!
Jenn & Joseph

AK Angel said...

Prayers from the last frontier of Alaska ~ "those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with the wings like eagles; they will run and not get tired; walk and not become weary..." (Isaiah 40:31) ~ may His angels embrace Witt and each and every one of you ~ may Witt rest upon the angel wings and be renewed in strength ~ I pray that you will be filled with His peace, that which passes all understanding, which will bring you the comfort and rest that your hearts, minds and spirits need ~ Witt is so beautiful and such a precious child of God... sending angel hugs, Joellyn Douglass

JuNk GypSY said...

merry christmas from your fleamarket family! we just want to tell yall how much we love yall and feel proud to call yall our friends. what brave, amazing, courageous people you are!
we love yall and believe yall are teaching each and every one of us how to be better human beings!
peace, LOve, and JuNK from the junk gypsies . . .