Thursday, March 18, 2010


Look at these golden locks!!!!!
Late last night Witt's heart rate was staying elevated some. It reached 170 at one point. We are not completely sure what was causing that. In rounds the doctors said it could be one of the medicines Witt was on. That and factor in that he spiked a little fever last night and has not dirtied his diaper!! Today his heart rate has stayed down in a good range but we do still need him to poop!!! Witt's next step will be within the next few days(probably not before the weekend) to move to the PCU. Then Melanie and Austan will also begin their training on how to completely take care of the trach. They went to my house for a short bit tonight to pack up Witt's nursery in preparation of finally moving back into their home that was destroyed about a month before Witt was born! The house was basically finished this past December and they were set to move in the weekend that Witt had to come back into the hospital. Please pray for Mel and Austan as they prepare their home for Witt and take care of so many details to accomplish that. Also pray that for Witt that he not only continues to heal but that the doctors can also get his medicines to a good home regimen!

Not a lot of action in this video but that's good for now!!!


Angie said...

We love Witt! What a sweet face... he looks so peaceful! Praying for you always!

sonja said...

Oh you guys! Just looking at his precious picture makes me thank God again for Witt! And when I hear the music playing quietly in the background, music that fills his little heart and yours, it just makes my cry! That music of Jesus is about all the music this child has ever heard, and it must soothe him and bless him as he listens. I know it blesses you as well! Praying daily....