Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Witt is doing well tonight! He has been on a good amount of a paralytic medicine and sedatives so that he will not move. The area around the trach has to be given a few days to heel before he can be allowed to move. This afternoon the doctors lowered the dose of the paralytic medicine. They wanted to check some movement but Witt remains very sedated. He looks great! I am praying that Mel and Austan can at least get some sleep at night since Witt is not awake for his usual 10pm to 2am playtime!!! Hopefully, Witt will be moved up to the 7th floor within the week. That's the PCU(pediatric care unit) and those rooms have beds...glory!!!!

I am sadden and yet praising God that Reggie Holloway joined our Savior in glory tonight. Reggie had 19 years on earth and now an eternity face to face with Christ! I had the privilege and honor of walking with Reggie's family for a very short day and a half and yet our hearts are joined forever in Christ. I shared with them yesterday about the family I met right here last summer that as their baby was breathing her last breaths they were asking God for healing and yet they ended the prayer time with minutes and minutes of proclaiming over and over "nevertheless, nevertheless, nevertheless we will praise You!" Reggie's family are "nevertheless" people. Reggie is in the very presence of God and His full glory and his family...well, they walked out of here praising the Lord!!!!! NEVERTHELESS, NEVERTHELESS, NEVERTHELESS, I WILL PRAISE HIM!!!

Reggie's mom, Gwen wanted Witt to have Reggie's balloon and cross!

This will forever be one of my most prized pictures. Reggie had already gone to glory
but look at their
countenance...nothing less than God!! This is Reggie's
aunt on the left and his mom on the right...I am
surrounded by the love of God!!!!


Natalie Oakley said...

All I can say is that is truly amazing! What a blessing that in the midst of Witt's tragic health issues that you could be there for this family in their time of need. You truly are a special lady. God is using you to help others and you don't even know it! God bless you, God bless Witt and God bless Melanie and Austan. So glad and amazed to hear that Witt is doing fairly well after surgery.

Raley Family Blog said...

Karen, What a testimony! Thank you for sharing. We continue to pray for Witt as he recovers from this surgery and we are asking the Lord to give Mel and Austan some much needed rest tonight. Love you all.

trash talk said...

Karen, you have been given a gift and God has placed you there to share that gift. What a precious family. I continue to pray for Witt's recovery and for strength for y'all.

campus said...

Hallelujah! Reggie's family is truly a testimony of God's unending love and mercy - we are praying for them. thank you for these precious pictures of angelic witt - we love him so much!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for keeping us informed. my heart is so blessed to know witt's parents and see their faith grow. I am in africa, but not too far away to rejoice in the glory god will recieve from this precious family.

lynn said...

Praise God for unity in and through the body of Christ! What binds us together as fellow believers is so much stronger than any differences. Praise God for bringing believers together to share each other's joys and sorrows. Keep it up, Karen, you continually inspire us all!

annalee said...

crying right now for the family that will miss reggie so much here, but rejoicing for eternity!
there is no doubt in my mind that you are a missionary in the halls of tch DAILY.
give handsome witt a kiss from us. i love those most recent pictures of him.

Rise" said...

For such a time as this....Glory!

Hua said...


I hope Witt starts feeling better soon. He so lucky to have such a wonderful family.

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