Friday, March 19, 2010


Witt remains pretty heavily sedated however every 4 hours the sedation is lessened. He is pretty fluid positive. You can see that his face is a little puffy...

The good news is that Witt's vent setting are very low on the respirator. This may not apply to Witt but sometimes the only thing kids need to help them breathe is just the trach itself. The trach can help by giving a clear and open airway. We will see...God already sees we just don't yet!!! Dr. Albright(ENT) told Melanie and Austan that Witt's trach surgery was done just in time. He was developing nodes and things around the vent tube. If it would have been much longer before the surgery, the surgery would have been harder and taken a lot more time. Thank You, Lord that Your timing is always perfect!! The plan is to not move Witt to 7th floor PCU before Monday unless they really need the bed. This is the cardiologists request. So it's bedtime in the recliner. There is a whole roomful of people that I haven't met but for now it's some rest for God's perfect timing I will meet my new recliner roommates!


Glenita Hayden said...

Hang in there Grammy! U guys rest while Witt is. I'm here-take advantage of it!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Karen, it seems that you remain as you have always been...a rock, a leader, a blessing, a teacher, an example to countless. It is only my own shortcomings that have prevented me from reaching out to you, Mel, Austin, and especially sweet baby Whitt. However, please know that Whitt and all who love him have CONSTANTLY been in my thoughts and prayers since day one. Incredibly, Whitt has touched, influenced, and transformed more people in this short time than do most in an entire lifetime. I will continue to love, support, and pray for Whitt, Mel, Austin, and YOU for all the days of my life.

Raley Family Blog said...

Continuing to Pray for Witt. Praying also that you guys do get some much needed rest. Can't wait to hear who God has for you to meet and minister to in the waiting room. Love you guys.

sonja said...

It's nearly 2 a.m. and I am NOT sleepy. I hope you are and that you are able to rest as Witt is resting tonight.

A room full of new people... another mission field! Wow... what a story is being written during these days.

Love you guys,