Thursday, December 3, 2009


I marvel at how well Witt is doing! He remains off oxygen and his saturation remains very good. In fact, the moniter alarm rarely goes off unless he's very active. Today, Witt is being evaluated by ECI(Early Childhood Intervention). Stephanie(PT) has been coming once a week to work with Witt and he is improving. He isn't sitting up on his own yet but he is definitely holding himself up more and more so that he just needs to be propped up some. I remember when he wasn't able to hold his head up...God has brought him so far! Tomorrow its off to Dr. Lange(pediatrician) for his first real check up there in a very long time. Witt will get several vaccinations. He hasn't been able to get any since he was 2 months old because of all the time spent in the hospital. They will find out more about the RSV shot and if more steps are needed to get it approved. Next Monday is Witt's appointment with Dr. Macicek. Hopefully that will be pretty uneventful!

A little side note: I am sorry the blog hasn't been updated as often as I normally do! I intend to keep updating regularly because I want all of you who have walked in the valley with us to celebrate the mountain tops with us also! I have not been able to upload video to the blog because of some glitch. I finally figured out a different way to do it. Those of you who know me will celebrate that miracle too!!! Also Witt's cousin was born yesterday...Graham James McCord to Evan and Annalee(for pics go to Mel is so excited for Witt to have a boy to join forces with!


Kelli said...

Witt - you and Graham are going to be DOUBLE trouble!!! In the best possible way! :)

Gayle said...

What a mountain top it is,too! We have witnessed the mighty hands and heart of our Father at work!
Witt is such a cutie! We love that beautiful smile.
Congratulations on the newest McCord! His pictures are pretty cute too!
You are in our hearts and our prayers.
We love you guys so much.
Bobby and Gayle

Nancy said...

Great news all the way around! I'm so grateful to God for how He has used Witt to show His generous and powerful GLORY, MERCY and PROTECTION! And through each moment, He has rocked not only Witt, but you, Jim, Mel and Austan in His loving arms. He IS mighty to save--He is GOD!

And now, blessing upon blessing: baby Graham! Glory!

Love you--Cadou