Sunday, December 6, 2009


Since Witt can't go to the snow God just brought the snow to Witt! It was amazingly beautiful and rarely seen here!

Witt also got to meet his newest cousin, Graham. It was a very quick picture then
right back to isolation for Witt!
Witt has an appointment tomorrow with Dr. Macicek. Once again the timing is perfect because Melanie has been concerned that Witt might be a little dehydrated. She has talked to the cardiologist on call a couple of times. First it was decided to hold the extra dose of Lasix. Then today Witt's osat has dropped a little. The cardiologist told Mel to go ahead and give him the dose today. Please pray for that amazing, God given discernment for Melanie and Austan as they will most likely be on a plan that will require them to decide when to give or hold a dose of diuretic. Also, during this Christmas season please remember all the families who will spend it in Texas Children's Hospital!


sonja said...

So glad to 'catch up' with you and see how Witt is doing! He looks so absolutely adorable and I could just squeeeeze him in that little hat! Also, congrats on the precious new little boy!

Kelli said...

OH what a A JOY that you got to take Witt out in the snow!

I love the boy cousins together!!

milillo fam said...

oh my goodness!!! in the picture with graham, witt looks like such a little BOY (not a baby anymore!)!!! ahh!!

MeBelieving said...

What a precious sight. The cousins look so much alike. Praying for a great doctor's visit tomorrow. I was at Texas Children's today. One of my student's older brother is there in PICU. My heart aches for all the sick kids. Praying they have comfort and great healing!


Hilary said...

Love all the pictures!! So cute :)

Nancy said...

Sweet photos...sweet family!

Gayle said...

Snow in Houston--amazing!
Those pictures melted our hearts!
He looks so cute in that hat.
What a precious picture of the "guys", Witt and Graham!
We will be praying for the doctor's visit tomorrow. Mel and Austan, we love seeing the two of you with Witt. Your smiles show such love from deep within you. God certainly picked the perfect parents for Witt. You are a beautiful family. We have seen the strength of God in you and in your precious son, Witt. We love you all so much.
Bobby and Gayle

Mandi said...

Precious! Witt looks so handsome in his winter hat!