Thursday, November 26, 2009


Witt and The Cross!
Thank You, Lord, for Witt but first and foremost thank You for the Cross! Thank You for the Cross of Christ that from it freely flows salvation, hope, mercy, grace and power. Without the Cross, life has no meaning and Witt most likely would not even be alive today to be placed at the foot of it! So today I am most grateful for the Cross and my Christ who put Himself on it and held Himself there. It is because of the Cross that I can truly give thanks in all all circumstances. My prayer for each of us today is that we find ourselves at the foot of the cross thanking God for Who He is and what He has done. I pray that He opens our eyes to all that we should be thankful for. Thank You, Lord...thank You for Witt and what You have accomplished in and through his life. May we all (along with Witt) always find ourselves at the foot of the Cross...Glory!
The Foot of The Cross by Ray Boltz

They were watching from a distance
And they could not take their eyes from You
You were bleeding , they were weeping
Faithful sisters, they had followed You
They did not understand, they could not see
They were mourning their loss
As the sky turned black and the Earth turned red
At the foot of the Cross
He was standing near Your mother
They were so close, they could hear You sighing
All around them angry voices
Pierced the darkness and You were dying
But they would not leave, they lingered there
No matter the cost
They were saying and they were praying
At the foot of the Cross
Keep me near the Cross, near the Cross
May I never stray so far
that I cannot see what flowed down for me
At the foot of the Cross
Now I'm standing in Your presence
And I cannot take my eyes from You
You have risen, I'm forgiven
Precious Saviour, oh I worship You
No, I'm not looking back
I've heard Your voice and I'm staying here
I've made my choice, for now it's real
Now I kneel at the foot of the Cross
Keep me near the Cross, near the Cross
May I never stray so far
That I cannot see what flowed down for me
At the foot of the Cross


Mark Lupher said...

As I woke this morning as with every morning I gave thanks to GOD that he has given us Witt & Elle. But this Thanksgiving is even more special this year to have both of them at home doing well. These two little angels have brought all of us closer to God and I also give Thanks for Him providing all of us with His son for his blood at that cross to wash our sins as white as new fallen snow. I continue to pray that GOD will keep his arms around these two Missionary’s for Christ. I noticed that the counter on Witt’s blog shows over 202,000 hits, that’s a whole lotta prayers and caring through our Lord.
God bless all this Thanksgiving, Big Daddy and Vivi.

trash talk said...

I too am thankful that I have the privilege of serving my God who so freely gives me what I need before I even know I need it. He has seen me through the rough days of Bella's beginning and now to have her sitting in a high chair with us at Thanksgiving is such a testament to His wonder. Some days I'm overwhelmed by His power and can only cry in awe. I truly believe these tiny babies have a special purpose and are destined to do His work and in so many ways, already are just by their being.
I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know we did.

Gayle said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Love all of you,
Bobby and Gayle

rise' said...