Tuesday, November 24, 2009


He is still all smiles!

Yesterday was Witt's 13th month birthday!! He also saw Dr. Macicek for a follow-up appointment from 2 weeks ago. Witt is still on the extra dose of lasix and hasn't needed any oxygen since that last little episode a couple of weeks ago. Witt also was seen by the pediatric surgeon's nurse about his stomach tube. About a week ago his tube was accidentally pulled all the way out by Mel's dogs chasing our cat! Melanie deflated the balloon on the end of the tube, stuck it back in and re-inflated the balloon to hold it in place. Witt's tube had already been leaking some so Melanie wanted it checked. Witt had been losing quite a bit of his feed at times. This was worrisome not just because of wanting him to get the calories but also because he is on the extra diuretic. The nurse ended up putting a slightly shorter tube in which seems to be making a difference. For now Witt is doing maybe even better than the doctors had expected. It is incredible that he is off oxygen and his heart has not changed! It feels like Thanksgiving everyday around here. Maybe that's just what God desires...give thanks in all things everyday!!!


KK said...

What a great update! Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Anonymous said...

How handsome he is! I rejoice in Whit's progress and on this time of rest at home for the rest of the family. I hope you don't mind but I was wondering, did they put a gtube or a gbutton on him? We have a hard time with the gtube because of the lenght and it getting stuck on everything. The gbutton was such a blessing because it fits flush again the skin and you adapt the rest of the tube lenght only at feeding time. Just food for thought, if he does not have a button and you get it later you will love it. Blessings, Marta.

Gayle said...

So true! We are to be content in all circumstances. So it must be God's desire for us to give thanks in all things everyday! Sometimes He has to hold us tightly in His loving arms and open our teary eyes to see the blessings in all things. Wow! What a blessing for Witt to be at home, smiling big, off oxygen, growing cuter and cuter everyday! What a blessed Thanksgiving! Praying for and seeing God's hands on the tiniest details as well as the huge parts of Witt's life through the past thirteen months has truly been a blessing. We are so thankful that we serve a loving Father who is definitely a "hands on" Father in every detail of our lives. We are thankful to be part of a family who loves and trusts the Lord.
We love you all so much! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Bobby and Gayle

Glenita Hayden said...

I just LOVE this little angel! He is changing so much. Now he seems to look just like his mommy AND his daddy! Happy thanksgiving to all the evans family
whom I consider my extended family! And to little elle's fa
ily also. Love the updates! God bless!!