Thursday, November 19, 2009


Two snappy dressers!

Witt seems to be feeling good. He is still on the extra dose of diuretic and hasn't required any oxygen! He does have a follow up appointment with cardiology(Dr. Macicek) this coming Monday. Yesterday Stephanie, the physical therapist, came by and worked with Witt. Both Melanie and Austan have been needing to make phone calls on Witt's behalf recently. Austan has been dealing with the insurance company about occupational therapy and now the rsv vaccination. Today, Dr. Lange's office called to say that insurance is not wanting to pay for the rsv shot which is incredibly expensive. It's crucial that Witt get this because a respiratory illness could be devastating for Witt! Melanie has been talking to the people at Early Childhood. She wants Witt to have everything possible that's available to help in his development. Please pray for favor as they make these calls! As Thanksgiving draws near, I find myself almost at a loss of where to start with all that I have to thank God for...tears of joy just seem to take over!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Great picture! I'm glad to hear that he continues to thrive. Prayers will continue. ~Mindy

Anonymous said...

How expensive is the rsv shot?

trash talk said...

Jenn went through the same phone calls in making arrangements for Bella's RSV and OT. Yes, the shots are very expensive...I don't understand why or why insurance doesn't cover them. All babies are at risk for RSV, but especially our babies.
On a happier note, they are definitely a pair to draw to!

Witt's Family said...

The RSV shots are over $1,000 a piece. Witt needs to have one a month for several long as RSV is a threat. It's my understanding that if Witt were still on oxygen there would be no problem. I'll take a more healthy Witt and trust that God will work this out!~Karen

Anonymous said...

Definitely look into ECI (Early Childhood Intervention). They may provide free services to Witt in your home, including OT. Good luck with your insurance!

Anonymous said...

Oh the joys of insurance and therapy! If only we had to take care of our little ones and love on them, it wouldn't be so hard!

Our little guy is 3.5 yrs old and we have been through many of the trials your sweet Witt is enduring. What a strong little boy you have! I ran into Melanie's mom at the fundraiser for Aid Sudan and have been reading the blog since. I too have fallen in love with your Witt!

Insurance always seems to be hesitant on the RSV approval. Your docs office should get him qualified even without O2. We had it the first two years of our son's life. By the time we got the last shot it was over $4,000 (his weight was more so he needed more!). Don't dispair and keep fighting for your little guy!

We did not have much luck with ECI in our area. Some friends rave about the program where they live. We have gone the private OT, PT, Speech, etc.

Although somedays I wish our path was a little different, I can honestly say I am so glad for some of the lessons I have learned. I am so glad I don't take for granted each little thing. I love making today matter - it is all we are promised. If I can be an ear to listen, please do not hesitate to call or email. I sure will pray for you guys!

Blessings, Olivia

Lisha said...

handsome boys! have dr. machiek call the insurnace company about the shot. when our insurance was on the fence about it - our cardiologist called them and said that if elle got rsv - it would be at least a week in the hospital and probably at least three days in icu on the vent. we got approval the next day.

Gayle said...

Love the picture!
Our prayers are with you. God is bigger than ANY storm or insurance company. He knows WItt's needs and has certainly shown us He is with Witt always and in all ways.
We love you all!
Bobby and Gayle