Monday, November 16, 2009


Even though Witt has sunglasses he's not
getting to golf today!

The picture below is the view I get every time I walk through my front door. Melanie and Austan's house is almost completely repaired from the hurricane damage a year ago but for now what used to be our dinning room/office is still Witt's nursery. Truly, all is well because Witt is loved by God and in Him Melanie and Austan take refuge!

One of the greatest examples of God's love has come through the Wee Dream Foundation that today is putting on the golf tournament and fundraiser dinner afterward. People from all over have poured their time and money into to this benefit for Witt and Elle. Mark(Austan's dad) put it perfectly in an email this morning:

As the George Strait song , "I Saw God Today" says, God has his fingerprints all over this foundation.

Amen, Mark! I believe in God and know that He exists but to get to see Him tangibly through the sacrifices and generosity of others is amazing! Not only are Austan, Melanie. Lee and Lisha being blessed with financial help but most importantly God is revealing Himself...Glory!!!

Thank you, all of you who have so willingly helped and supported Witt and Elle not just financially but especially with your unwavering prayers!!!

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rise' said...

I see God every time I see you guys! Thank you for that!

Love that picture of Witt!! He's so cool....