Monday, August 10, 2009


Witt is still progressing in the right direction! Today begins more tiny steps in the effort to take him home. Witt will receive his lasix(diuretic) by mouth instead of IV. This may seem insignificant but its not. The lasix is more powerful by IV and obviously Witt needs to be taking it orally to go home. Oops, Mel just told me they are waiting till tomorrow to change the lasix...give him one more day! Twice yesterday, Witt was given a suppository to help with the constipation. Today he will get some sort of laxative. The jury is still out on how constipated he is and if that is the cause for his "grunting" and grabbing at his stomach. Hopefully this is the answer because it seems to have a pretty easy solution. The doctors had talked about turning his oxygen down from 1/4 liter but they only want to make one change at a time. If Witt reacts negatively to the change they will know exactly what is the problem. The doctor said Witt will remain in the step down room probably till he goes home. The only difference in this room and the regular rooms on 15 is the monitor. In this room Witt's heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation are all being monitored. In a regular room he would only be on the oxygen saturation monitor like he has at home. Please pray that Witt continues this slow positive progress. Pray also that the laxative gives him some relief. Going home is still off in the future somewhere but it is more and more in the near future! Please pray that we finish this race...Witt's hospital stay...strong! Pray that till the second we leave this room that the presence of Christ is felt here!

Witt was up quite a bit through the night...time for him to sleep!


Debbie Mueller said...

mingtsSo thankful that Witt is continuing to heal. Praying without ceasing for God's perfect timing in all things and for all of you as you wait. He is so adorable!

rise' said...

I just want to kiss his lttle forehead!

Ruth said...

YES! Great news! Tiny steps, Great Joys!

susan said...

He is adorable!! Gets cuter everyday!! I am so thankful he is headed in the right direction. Continuing to pray daily for all of you.