Sunday, August 9, 2009


Witt's fluid level was a little better yesterday so the doctors are still able to hold off on giving him the extra high powered diuretic. His chest x-ray came back just fine. Recently Witt has started making this "grunting" sound and grabbing at his feeding tube. He started this right after the surgery for the feeding tube back in late May. This is actually what he was doing on the Friday back in June when Mel and Austan first brought him to the ER , however, it has nothing to do with Witt going into the hospital and needing surgery. Melanie has talked to Dr. Wessen's(surgeon who did the feeding tube) nurse and several others about this. They usually ask if Witt is dirtying diapers...wanting to make sure he isn't constipated. The answer is always that he is dirtying diapers in fact they are pretty runny. Melanie mentioned it again today at rounds. A doctor came back and said he had been thinking about it. He believes that it is a constipation issue. The fact that his dirty diapers are runny support this. Not to be too crude but the only thing that can come out is runny because of the constipation. There are so many "I never's" involved with Witt and this may top the list...I never thought constipation would be an answer to prayer! Witt will now get some help with constipation and hopefully he will be more comfortable! My goodness...there is no detail of life that God isn't concerned with!!!
Recently, I posted a picture of Witt with his stuffed lion that Deela and Shaiely gave him. Debbie York commented the "Lion and the Lamb." We all know that Christ is The Lamb but Witt is our little lamb! I will never look at the little stuffed lion without being reminded of her comment and of God..The Lion Who watches over Witt our precious lamb!!!

I love both their reddish manes!!!


rise' said...

We who have reddish manes are quite proud that he is among us!! Ok, so mine is more gray than red now, but I'm still proud!

trash talk said...

I'm a little partial to redheaded babies myself and this one is a pip!