Saturday, August 8, 2009


This was Witt most of yesterday so consequently he was awake most the night! He was happy but awake. For some reason babies tend to really get their days and nights mixed up in the hospital. Witt is pretty much messed with 24/7!! He was fluid positive yesterday by 380ml. The cardiologist ordered a chest x-ray to make sure the extra fluid is not affecting the lungs. If its not they will still hold off on the extra high powered diuretic. Witt is currently on 2 other diuretics. Most heart patients are on diuretics because the leaky valves and other heart issues can cause fluid build up. Poor Dr. Macicek tried to explain it to me and I take it at face value that this happens but I don't really grasp why!! Thankfully I don't even need to know why there is fluid build up to run to the Throne of Grace and ask God to take care of it!!! That is my main petition that I kneel at His throne with today...please just "dry" Witt's little body up and take care of whatever reason is causing it! BUT before I lay out my requests I am kneeling before the Lord saying: "Holy, Worthy is the Lord, Almighty, He is Able, He is Mighty to Save...all glory is His!"

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