Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today they are changing Witt's lasix from IV to mouth. The doctor called this a big change. The diuretic is more effective by IV but obviously Witt can't go home taking anything by IV. He remains about 250ml positive on fluid but they are considering that his normal range. Once again the doctor said that Witt is looking very good. He is still on the laxative...that can take a while to fully start working. Yesterday Witt started back with OT. Jennifer(his OT while in the hospital) worked with him on eating solids again. These hospital stays really bring Witt's progress in this area to a halt. Jennifer said he did real well though. Please pray that Witt's fluid level stays where it has been even with changing the diuretic. Although Witt has been making forward progress, a change in his fluid balance could really affect him. I haven't mentioned it in a while but please continue to pray for healing of Witt's mitral valve. For now it is still leaking but not enough to necessitate surgery. Witt is now over 2 months in the hospital. He came in the first of June. I know Mel and Austan are past being ready to get him home. The most important thing is God's timing in all things...especially in Witt going home!

A tiny snippet of OT!


rise' said...

Praying with hopes that you all get to go home soon! Love you guys.

trash talk said...

Praying for all to go well with meds and that y'all will all get to go home soon.

cheryl said...

We are PRAYING and missing you! I can't imagine how liberating HOME will feel for Mel and Austan...praying for a quick return to normal!!!
Love you!

happy pamela said...

we rejoice with you over the small steps! I love you all so much. ..