Sunday, July 19, 2009


Today was a little bit of a rough day for Witt. He's been pretty cranky all day. The stroller seems to be the one place he likes! Witt is being weaned of the methadone so that may be some of the issue. He also has the 2 chest tubes still in which are incredibly painful! Not a lot of medical changes have taken place over the I said before the hospital comes to a screeching halt on Saturday and Sunday! Please pray for some relief for Witt. Pray that the chest tubes can
be removed very soon!

If Witt could just get the whole hand in his mouth he would be happier!

Witt still managed a lot of bubbles today!


trash talk said...

I know y'all and Witt will feel so much better when those last chest tubes come out. I'll be praying fervently that tomorrow will be the day.

Gayle said...

So sorry he is having a tough day! He's so cute! I look at his pictures and am amazed at his journey. God has blessed him with the sweetest smiley face through out it all. So many blessings for Witt, for his family, and for Bob and I as we continue to pray for Witt, his precious mom and dad, his very special family, the doctors, nurses, and the staff at the hospital. We will be praying for God's perfect time to remove those tubes! Praying for sweet peaceful rest for Witt and everyone.
We love you all so much!
Bob and Gayle

Jenn said...

I hope Witt is doing better this morning! I just love see his precious pictures! Those bubbles are the cutest! we continue to pray for Witt. Prayers for comfort, easy breathing, and chest tubes to be removed very soon. We love you guys!
Jenn & Joseph

rise' said...

Could he get any cuter??! Praying this day is one of great relief and peace for you all. Much love.

Rachel Kellum said...

Mel we are continuously praying for you and your sweet baby!!!! By the way.....could he be any more precious?!!!!!!