Monday, July 20, 2009


Thank you for all your faithful prayers for Witt. This morning he doesn't seem to feel well. He threw up quite a bit early this morning. His breathing rate might be a little elevated. The worry is always that he might aspirate on the vomit and end up with pneumonia from that. Also Witt's electrolytes are still not right. His sodium continues to be low so the doctors asked for urine to be tested. This gives a little more detail than the blood test.
Last night when I got down here Melanie said she was worried about Witt. Please also pray for Melanie...she is worried and worn out. She is going on 6 weeks with him this time. A while back Melanie figured out that Witt has been in the hospital at least 15 weeks. Yesterday Jim and I listened to a sermon by Gregg. He used the antique car ride at Astroworld as an example. He said it was his favorite ride when he was little. He didn't realize that down the middle of the lane was a steel bar that would never let him get off track. He asked what keeps us on track especially during times of suffering. I can tell you is God that keeps Melanie and Austan on track...that hasn't changed. Right now Melanie just needs a little gas in the engine! Would you please pray that the Holy Spirit strengthen her and encourage her. That Melanie is filled beyond measure to continue on the track that she is on for Witt!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Sorry to hear today's report about Witt. Prayers continue. I will also pray for a nenewed strength for Melanie. Poetry love! ~Mindy

Ruth said...

hold on tight! God gave Witt the perfect Mom who is willing to be right by his side, "super-glued" to his every need, every change, every step of progress! One of these days, instead of 'super-glued', you'll just be "Velcro".

You're an amazing Mom with amazing faith - Amazing Grace!

Jenn said...

I love you Mel! I pray that God continues to hold you tight in his arms as you go through this time. I pray that he continues to give you strength, rest, peace in your heart, and those giggles I hear from your voice when you make videos of Witt! God created you an amazing woman and perfect mom! Keep a strong hold on the Lord, he is taking care of you along with our precious little guy!!!

Marjie Murff said...

Melanie, you've done an amazing job as Witt's loving Mom these past nine months! We pray that God would continue to give you His strength as Witt heals from surgery. May our loving Lord hold you all in the palm of His hand!