Saturday, July 18, 2009


This morning the doctors said that Witt's electrolytes are a little out of balance. He is being given a pretty good amount of diuretics to not only dry out his lungs but also stop the fluid in the chest cavity. Yesterday the attending said they were going to back down on the lasix but the surgeon later said they need to push to dry Witt out. I am asking God to dry Witt's lungs, stop the chest cavity from producing fluid (inflammation from surgery) and to reveal to the doctors His perfect medical plan for Witt! I think that sometimes we forget that God truly is the Great Physician...the Greatest Physician!!! God doesn't need medical school...medical schools get all of their knowledge from Him! And God already knows every test that will be run on Witt and its results! This is why I trust in God and His medical plan for Witt!

Yesterday, my mother (Melanie's grandmother and Witt's great grandmother) along with my sisters came to the hospital for a birthday lunch for mom. Mom turned 78 and has always had a special way with grandbabies and now great grandbabies!


Witt's Family said...

It didn't dawn on me until watching the video dare Witt wear THAT shirt for our sweet SOONER! :)

cheryl said...

OOPS! The comment above was from me! There are quite a few members of "Witt's family" that are applauding THAT shirt...I don't speak for them :)

Cadou said...

I'M just wondering where all of his Texas Tech t-shirts are???

Happy belated b-day, Carolyn! Much love to a grand Texas lady!!

I'll be praying for PERFECT results on Witt's next round of tests, all to HIS glory, of course!

Much love--Cadou

Gayle said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Aunt Carolyn (yesterday, that is)!! We love you so much! What a precious video of you and WItt!
GOD is the Great Physician and Healer! We are praying for Witt and knowing without a doubt that God's timing is perfect always and in all ways!
We love all of you!
Bobby and Gayle

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Carolyn!!! Sorry this is a day late! Sweet video of you and Witt! That outfit hurts but if anyone can pull it off Witt is the one! We continue to pray for our little guy! God is the greatest physician! He knows exactly what Witt needs. Love you guys!
Jenn & Joseph

Marjie Murff said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Carolyn! What a cute video of you and Witt. We're all praying for his continued healing from surgery, so he can come home!