Monday, July 6, 2009


Still no word on the new time for Witt's surgery. Melanie did ask if we can get moved to the 15th floor. Not sure really if that will happen. The cardiologist is hesitant to move Witt if surgery is scheduled for Tuesday or Wednesday. Melanie pointed out very nicely that being scheduled doesn't mean it will actually take place and she would really like to be in a room at the first chance while we wait! I continue to pray for God's perfect timing and trust that each time Witt is bumped it is nothing short of His hand. For now we are enjoying the move to the other side of the room. Now we have the windows to look out of!


berpha said...

Windows are good!! Very good!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know the prayer partners from the church I attend were so excited to hear Witt giggling to day when I called to tell them the surgery had been changed to whenever, I turned the sound up so they could hear it real good. Sounds like praising GOD!!! Love and GOD 's greatest blessings Jackie from Abilene