Monday, July 6, 2009


"In a man's mind he makes his plans but God directs his steps"
Witt is now in a room on the 15th floor! His surgery is scheduled for Thursday. I continue to ask God to direct our steps and have the final say in exactly when Witt's surgery does take place. For now the plan is Thursday! For now we are in a room with a couch/bed and our very own bathroom! Witt continues to get stronger and gain the weight back he had lost and Melanie gets to enjoy holding him.


Debbie M. said...

God is so good! Praying for His divine plan for Witt's life and for all of you as you wait. God is in CONTROL! What a little blessing Witt is.

Anonymous said...

The folks at Anchor of Hope Church in Belton, Texas have a wonderful prayer ministry, and we are praying that God will bless little Witt with good health and that the surgery can be as planned, according to God's Will. We are praying for the entire family, and we know God will hold Witt in the hollow of His hand, protect him, and bless all of you.

Nella Robinson - Prayer Ministry Leader

Anonymous said...

Hearing Witt laugh with Austan made me laugh out beautiful that sound is! Okay, so now it sounds like Thursday, and I feel like maybe Witt has needed this time to regain his strength and be in top form. We are praying, and will continue to lift you guys up. Made our 4th of July to see Witt with the flag and to hear him laugh. Love to you all!