Sunday, July 5, 2009


The whole presurgery process had started then just a few minutes ago Melanie was told that surgery wouldn't be Monday. Late last night emergencies came in that once again bumped Witt. They aren't sure when it will be scheduled next so they are looking into at least moving Witt to the 15th floor. I continue to pray for God's timing and now I need the peace and patience to wait on it!!!!

Austan, Witt and laughter truly is the best medicine! Witt has always chuckled at his daddy more than at anybody else.


Jenn said...

Absoultely precious! I love it! Witts smiles and laughter are truly the best medicine! I had to watch this video over and over agian! Of course I giggled right along with you! There is a reason that the surgery keeps getting bumped. God only knows when the time is right! Our patience continue with prayers. We love you all and continue to pray!
Jenn & Joesph

rise' said...

I'm with Jenn! That was absolutely precious!! I'll be watching that video all week long and showing it to everyone I know. Ya know...when I heard the surgery was postponed again, it actually got me a little excited to see just what God is up to. His timing is always perfect. As for patience and is evident in every word you post.

Anonymous said...

Melanie, this is Mary Nuttall. I found this blog on Rebekah's blog! Running into you was no "coincidence" was a Godcindence. I am so glad to be able to pray for Witt. Both you and Austan are filling my heart with pleas to the Father. I look forward to reading about his progress. mary

Mandi said...

Such sweet laughter! Witt is growing bigger and cuter all the time and I've just fallen in love with him!
Praying with all of you...I know the waiting has to be tough.

trash talk said...

Just one more way God showing who is in control. I know the waiting is difficult, but God, as you stated, will pick the perfect time.
Witt is such a darling!