Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Witt continues to do well! Some days are lazy days at home for Mel and some days she takes him on an errand or two. Today its back to therapy! The occupational therapist really worked with Witt on eating baby food with a spoon. He did better than ever! The physical therapist said he was doing better too on holding his head. Witt had physical therapy first so after "eating" some with the OT he feel fast asleep. Unlike this grandmama, Witt wouldn't wake up to take another bite! Stephanie and Kelli are wonderful gifted therapists...full of patience and encouragement. They are checking into getting a chair like they use at therapy for Witt to have at home. Thank you for your prayers...please know that even on our normal days with Witt they are still needed for peace and strength. Peace and strength for today and whatever Melanie and Austan face next in Witt's incredible journey!!

Mel and Witt enjoying a peaceful day yesterday!

Witt asleep in his therapy chair!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Are you aware of how much I enjoy the every day blogs. The hospital, dr's appointment blogs are the more pointed prayer days for me. These every day blogs are more praise prayer days for me. And I so much enjoy giving the praise! Witt. What a blessing he is! ~Mindy

Mollie (aka Mimi) said...

Witt looks so sweet! I am definitely praying for him. God bless you and your family!


Meagan H. said...

I absolutely love the first pic of Mel and Witt, they sleep the same way, adorable! Still praying for all!! God Bless!!

Calista said...

Hang in there, God has his hands around you and your sweet little one. God Bless.