Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Dr. Macicek just came in to talk about the plan for getting Witt off the vent. They are a little worried that Witt is sleeping too much and that maybe it is because he is a little tired from having to breath more. However, it could also be the meds he is on. Dr. Macicek originally suggested to wean down the medicine more and try in the morning. He and Melanie agreed to bathe Witt right now, hold off on his next meds and see if he wakes up a little. Dr. Macicek's thinking is also that if you take Witt off too late this evening, the "day" doctors like him who know Witt and his respiratory rate would not be around to decide if Witt needed to be reintubated. They will make a final decision for today in about an hour. This would be a great time to tell you how much I like and am impressed with Dr. Macicek. He is undoubtedly placed in Witt's life by The Great Physician! Obviously, Dr. Macicek has the knowledge but what he also possesses is not always present in every doctor. He has a wonderful combination of confidence and compassion. His demeanor is strong yet caring. AND he listens to Melanie! He listens to what her thoughts are concerning Witt. Please pray for Dr. Macicek and his family. I am grateful that this is the profession that he chose and that he also wanted to specialize in cardiology!

Here is Dr. Macicek at work on Witt. He not only blesses Witt's life but all of ours!

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cheryl said...

Dr. Macicek has been such an incredible blessing to Witt, Mel, Austan and, really, to all of us! I was so impressed with his caring, yet firm, demeanor the other about bedside manner! Thank God that he has devoted his life to these kiddos...and, from what I've seen, it honestly does take up the majority of his life. We are so blessed that Witt is in such capable and compassionate hands!!!

May God shower Dr. Macicek with abundant blessings for the incredible sacrifices he makes for all of us!