Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The decision has been made to extubate tomorrow morning. Once again after rounds so most likely late morning. Witt's feeds will be started again until 4am. I am praying that God is protecting His perfect timing for this...that He won't let anyone or anything interfere with it!


Nancy said...

Just the decision I was hoping would be made! I hope that y'all are able to rest well tonight as we all anticipate what God has lovingly prepared in advance for Witt tomorrow...loving you! Cadou

P.S. I'm also grateful for Dr. Macicek!

Mark and Mandi said...

This is for Melanie...
I saw your comment on our blog and wanted to write back to you! Yes, we have been following ya'lls blog for several months now. Once I started ours, I somehow found ya'll by clicking on someone who knew someone and eventually got to you guys. I am amazed at your courage and your strength and we keep all of you guys in our prayers daily!!! My daughter is about a month younger than Witt. We did drive by the house recently when I heard that ya'll were rebuilding. It looks great! That was about a month ago so we'll have to go by when it's all done. Again, we'll continue to pray and read all about the happenings of your family and of that sweet little boy!

God bless,
Mandi Shelfer

Anonymous said...

I don't "know" Witt & his family, but I know Witt & his family. :) I've been following his story from the beginning after my cousin's blog had a link to this one. I pray for the family's calm & comfort. Our granddaughter (3 1/2 years old) was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when she was 3 1/2 MONTHS old. She had surgery to remove a tumor the size of a large egg, 4 rounds of chemo, paralysis & is now running circles around us all! God is so good & He cares so deeply for the children & their earthly families. He is in control & has Witt's best in His heart. I have been so blessed by Witt through this blog & I know that God will continue to use Witt to touch others. He uses our Addie in the same way even today. May you all have the peace & comfort only God can give. Thank you for sharing this amazing little man with us!

Sandy Dean
Abilene, TX

trash talk said...

God is in complete control and nothing can interfere with Him and His divine wisdom. I'll continue to pray tonight and through the coming days.