Saturday, May 9, 2009


Yesterday was a calm day! Witt continues to gain weight. At this point, Witt's surgery is still set for Monday the 18th. Not only does he have a recheck this Monday with the cardiologist but also he also goes back to the pulmonologist on Wednesday. The surgeon at this point is not planning on doing the "stomach twist"...just inserting the gtube. I thought I would post some video and pictures from the week.
Witt's hair is getting more auburn!

Witt and the all the warnings these days!

Around here we all pitch in even the cat, Big Chicken aka Chicken Salad Sandwich (that's her honor of Royer's Cafe at Zapp Hall!)

Some play time

All worn out

Bye now...ya'll have a blessed weekend!


Anonymous said...

This baby is lovely. He is cute, well fed, and much loved.I wish you all the strength for the future. Since you started your blog I have searched and searched for information on Chromosome 1 issues and find nothing!
Best of luck!

Nancy said...

Happy Mother's Day, Melanie! You've encountered more challenges in your first few months as a mom than many of us have who've spent years in the saddle. You've also experienced the presence and blessings of God in a manner most of us can only imagine until we look full upon His face. Thank you for sharing your son with us, as well as your struggles, your joys, your tears and your hope. You've touched us all. Have a blessed day. XO, Cadou

Rise' said...

Lovin' that red hair!!