Thursday, May 7, 2009


Melanie and Austan met with the surgeon today. Witt's surgery for the feeding tube has been scheduled for May 18th around noon. This will of course have to be approved by pulmonary and cardiology. Witt has another appointment Monday the 11th with cardiology. He will have another echo and chest xray. I assume the cardiologist will decide then if Witt can go ahead with surgery the next week. I ask for and trust God's perfect timing!
A few days ago a good friend of mine emailed this video website to me( It's an amazing video that Rise' said sums up all her feelings about Africa and why it has captured her heart. As I watched it, I could only think of Witt, Austan and Melanie... the Luphers and their story! The video says: "I am needed here....They have so little and I have so much. Often there is a level of suffering here that is unimaginable. But its hard to reconcile the many challenges Africans face with the joy I see in the people. The images spilling out of my television show only misery, and I was fooled. I bought into the lie that circumstance defines happiness. In places where despair should thrive I find adults dancing and singing. Children playing soccer with a ball of tied trash. Relationships and faith provide my new joy should have no regard for my circumstances. I want what I have learned to trickle down from my head to my heart. I no longer want to need the next thing to have joy. Africa does need our efforts and partnership but for me I need Africa more than Africa needs me. Because it is Africa that taught me that possessions in my hands will never be as valuable as peace in my heart." That's the Luhpers...Witt, Austan, and Mel to me! I think I am needed. There is suffering here at times that most of us can't even imagine. BUT it is hard to reconcile the many challenges that Austan, Mel and Witt face with the joy I see in them...with the laughter I share with them, with the sweetness I see in their family. In places where despair should thrive (it does exist at times but it never thrives!) I see them "dancing and singing." I see Witt playing with hands that at one time we didn't know if they would open up. My relationship to God and my faith provide my new joy should have no regard for my circumstances. I want what I have learned from the Luphers to trickle down from my head to my heart. I no longer want to need the next thing to have joy! Witt, Melanie and Austan do need my efforts but for me I need them and what they can teach me more than they need me!! Because its Witt's life and what I see in Austan and Melanie that taught me that possessions in my hands will never be as valuable as peace in my heart. Thank you, from the depths of my heart...thank you, Witt...thank you, Austan...thank you Mel...I have learned invaluable Kingdom lessons from each of you! I love you~Karen

I need what God can teach me through this precious life!


Raley Family Blog said...

Thanks for sharing Karen! The video was incredible and your post was inspiring. I am so thankful to be apart of a wonderful family. I love you all.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

What a wonderful, beautiful parallel. To see such a lesson means that your eyes and your heart are open. Thank you for sharing. And what a lesson for me! ~Mindy

Anonymous said...

It never cease to amazed me. God is really ,truly a great AMAZING Lord. There is no doubt in my mind that for those that love the Lord EVERYTHING works for their good. Absolutely everything. Only Him can turn what would be considered an adverse situation into a great blessing. Thank you for sharing your heart and family with us. God bless, Marta.

cheryl said...

In the day and a half since I first read this post, it has taken root in my heart! Thank you for sharing with ALL of us!

For the past several years (at least) you have told me that it's your fervent prayer that you remain "teachable." Not only have I watched you open yourself up to circumstances that most of us dare not even ponder, I have watched you consistently seek a "Holy Education!" It's never enough that you have a "good attitude" or a "cheerful heart," you seek WISDOM in everything that is thrown at you.

BUT, you don't stop have WITTnessed to thousands, your little sister included, and shared what you have learned on this journey. The majority of us would be hosting magnificent "pity parties" but you search for and EMBRACE the magnificent Love that God offers and the opportunities to share His Love.

Thank you, and, especially, Austan, Mel and sweet, sweet Witt for allowing God to reach down and work through you...none of us will ever be the same!!!

I love you all from the bottom of my heart! I'm privileged to call you all family and honored to call you friends!!!

trash talk said...

Karen, I wanted to say just the right thing, but Cheryl said it for me. In your desire to remain "teachable" as Cheryl said, you have taught me. Part of the reason I was able to stay strong for Jenn and Roby was coming here for inspiration. You have helped me more than I could ever hope to repay. You have freely shared your wisdom and your faith and in doing so you have helped to strengthen mine. All of y'all have given so much and I don't know if you are even aware of it. Witt has touched so many just like me and we are so blessed to be able to share in his progress and the courage of two loving parents. Thank you my dear friend, thank you for letting me be a witness to the power of God.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

To Mel. Happy 1st Mother's Day to you! ~Mindy

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog, I will add you to my tough cookie section. I am praying for your adorable little boy! =)