Friday, May 22, 2009


Austan just came out from Witt's room and said the doctor's removed the ventilator and Witt was doing well on his own. This is great news for Melanie especially. Anytime Witt is ventilated, he is really unable to have his voice and that is not much fun for a mom to be without. The PICU waiting room is fairly busy this evening with many families waiting for the opportunity to be there for their loved ones. Even though you all can't be with us, we always feel the power of your prayers showering us with strength and support. Today especially was a great example of the power of prayer and God's healing hand touching Witt.

Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings. Psalm 17:8

We love you Witt!


Mandi said...

Always praying for Witt and your family!

Gayle said...

Praise our Heavenly Father for all
He has done and will continue to do for Witt, Mel, and Austan. We are continuing to pray for healing, peace, and rest for all!
Melanie and Austan, you are amazing! God specifically picked
you to be the Earthly parents of His precious child Witt. He knew you would listen to HIM and draw even closer to Him as you stood firm in His love through this journey. He knew you would be a voice for Witt with the doctors and nurses because He gave you the strength to do so! GOd also knew you would share His love with everyone else at the hospital. You may never know all of the people you have touched through God's fingers during this time. Someone may see how you and your family handle this and wonder what makes the difference. Where does your peace and stength come from? God uses everything to reach His children. Witt, Austan , your family, and you are the instruments God is using to open someone's eyes to His grace. God bless you for being a missionary at the hospital and through this blog. We love all of you so much!
Gayle and Bobby

Marjie Murff said...

Praying "without ceasing" for Witt and his family!!
Love in Christ,
The Murff Family

The Apiary said...

Thank you for this the scripter I read everday and the words are what help me to keep my eye on the lord.