Saturday, May 23, 2009


Witt is doing better today...his 7 month birthday! Mel just said Witt is now closer to 1 year than a newborn!! I would say he's had way too many "month birthdays" in the hospital but I am grateful for each one wherever they are! He is still in PICU. I slept in a recliner in the waiting room last but Melanie would not leave Witt's side. She stayed back with him in a straight back chair all night! The doctors started him on a very small amount of pedialyte but are hoping to move pretty quickly to just breast milk...he won't get his normal fortified milk right away. Witt will definitely stay in the PICU tonight. He might be moved back to the PCU tomorrow. Whatever is best for Witt! The doctor's are keeping a close eye on his heart...they want to be sure the fluid doesn't come back. He is breathing much easier today and his osat is staying 99-100 on 1 liter of oxygen.
I'll be honest...yesterday was very hard but God has never left our side. He is still there even in the times that I am angry. He is still there just telling me that He understands. He is still there to increase my faith and carry me! For reasons I may never totally wrap my mind around, He just doesn't give up on me when I give up on Him...and there's mercy!
I met a lady (Candice) in the waiting room whose son (Gage) is in PICU. Gage is 15 and in the process of dying because of heart failure related to a syndrome he was born with. The doctors give him maybe 2 months but the mom feels like it will be sooner. Gage has spent a lot of his life in hospitals. He will not get to go home before his death so they are bringing home to him the best they can. Witt will leave the PICU in the next couple of days and I may not know what happens with Gage. Please, please as you all are so kind to pray for Witt would you pray for Gage, Candice and the entire family. I am praying that Gage is experiencing Christ face to face here and now! That Christ is his Comforter and Peace!

Here are some pictures and video to prove just how cute Witt is...even when he hasn't eaten for 4 days!!!
Austan took this picture last night!

This morning..." can I get outta here?!!"

Hold on Little Buddy!!


Anonymous said...

Happy 7 month Birthday Little Buddy! Looking a little better today but all that stuff on your hand won't let you get your hand in your mouth. We are praying that you will get better today and get back on some milk. Will be glad when you get out and cousin Elle is out of quarantine so you can play and look at each other. Elle is 2 months old today. Its kinda neat when you celebrate birthdays by the month cause both fall on the same day.

Gayle said...

Praise God! Happy 7 month birthday, Mister Witt!! You look mighty cute in those pictures!
I love the last picture of Witt securely holding on--just as we do with God! We securely hold on to His fingers knowing He is with us always NO MATTER WHAT! We can ALWAYS COUNT ON HIM to be with us -walking with us or carrying us. What joy to experience such love, comfort, and peace from Our Creator! He feels what we feel and He knows our needs. He knows Witt's needs and Melanie's and Austan's. He knows the needs of the whole family and He will be right there supplying exactly what is needed. His plans for each of us our perfect. I sometimes wish I could see His plans with my human eyes and heart, but I find peace and joy in trusting Him. He loves more than I could ever imagine-just as He loves Witt and all of you. I know you are trusting and resting in HIM. Thank you for sharing your hearts with us. We love all of you and continue to pray for Witt. We have prayed and will continue to pray for Gage and his family too.
Love all of you!
Bobby and Gayle