Friday, May 22, 2009

55cc's OF FLUID!

Melanie and Austan just met with the surgeon and Witt's fluid is now completely gone from around the heart. They removed 55cc's of fluid from the sac around the heart and as soon as it was gone Witt's lungs increased in size. They were still waking Witt up and he should be moved to the 3rd floor again as soon as he is able to be moved.

In comparision, in December they removed about 7 cc's of fluid from the same area.

We are relieved that this procedure is done and hopeful that Witt's strength, comfort and ability to breath at his baseline will rapidly return.

Thank you for your prayers and we know that each step of the way God's loving arms have constantly kept Witt safe.


Anonymous said...

Praise GOD for the good news, HE is in control and Witt has a reason to be here. Love Jackie Marsh

trash talk said...

This is wonderful news and while I don't always understand all the medical terminolgy, I still pray because i know the Great Physician does. He continues to hold Witt in His mighty hands.

susan said...

Thank you so much for the updates. It helps to know how to pray more specifically at the moment. Please tell Mel and Austan that I am amazed at their tenacity and "Yea" for Melanie to be his advocate and ask doctors questions when she feels so led. Prayers continue for God to show off!!!

Raley Family Blog said...

Wow, I just got home and got on the computer for the 1st time since early this morning. Glad it went well and we are praying for a fast recovery and rest tonight.

Debbie M said...

Praise GOD, Praise GOD, Praise GOD!! Praying He continues holding Witt and all of you in His loving hands. Thanks for the update.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I am so grateful that they were able to drain the fluid and give Witt comfort. Praise God, indeed! ~Mindy