Thursday, April 30, 2009


Tomorrow keep Witt and his mom and dad in your prayers as they visit his pulmonologist at 2 pm. The doctors will check the healing progress of Witt's lungs from the pneuomonia and most likely discuss a number of different things with Melanie and Austan. Also, Karen is now "quarantined" again with another virus in her eye. Unfortunately, if we are sick we shouldn't be in the same house as Witt, so Karen is back at Deela's. Also, please keep Melanie in your prayers as she has a doctor's appointment for her tomorrow as well. As always, your continued prayers bless us our entire family.


Ruth said...

Keep on practicing that handwashing! Especially when at the hospital... I'm always checking your blog, not always commenting. Just know we're here, keeping up, and breathing prayers for you all.

I'll bet it's hard when Karen's not there...she's such a rock!

Gayle said...

I love his precious hands! He is such a darling baby.
We continue to pray for all of you! God knows each and every need of every family member. I know He has you wrapped in His loving arms.

Love you!
Bobby and Gayle

Fer said...

He´s such a beautiful baby boy. He´s getting so chuby :)

Mark Lupher said...

Wish and pray that Karen gets rid of these bugs, and that Austan and Mel stay healthy for WitT witter. God bless all our family. Look forward to getting everyone home safe and well so we can praise God for all his miracles and answered prayers.