Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I am back at home now that I am not contagious! I did not have the swine flu just a little virus! We took Witt for his therapy today. Unfortunately as we arrived at Texas Children, the news was just coming out that a baby died there Monday from the swine flu! Of course, please pray for that family but also that no other child is exposed. Witt is especially susceptible because of his pulmonary issues. We just heard that all high school sports for the state of Texas have been cancelled until May 11th and a couple of school districts have completely closed till then. Melanie is calling the doctors that Witt has appointments with to see is he should still come. His next appointment is Friday with Dr. Ruiz(pulmonary) at Texas Children's. Please pray that God will give wisdom for Melanie and Austan as they decide about keeping appointments. Witt had great physical and occupational therapy sessions today. This was his first time back since he was in the hospital so he's usually a little touchy but he did great. Next week is a big appointment week. Witt has appointments Monday through Thursday of next week starting with cardiology on Monday, swallow test on Tuesday, therapy on Wednesday and a meeting with the surgeon (gtube) on Thursday. Thank you for continuing to invest in Witt's life...I see and feel the dividends daily!~Karen

Witt and Kelli(OT)

Ahhhh, back at home!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I'm glad to hear Witt had good sessions today. His increased strength and growth is so important! Thank you, God! ~Mindy

Gayle said...

Glad you are feeling better, Karen.
I love the last picture of Witt while he is sleeping! How beautiful he is and so peaceful!
We continue to pray for Witt and the family. We love you!

Marjie Murff said...

Prayers continue for sweet Witt and his family and for all the babies at Texas Children's! It was good news to hear that Karen didn't have the swine flu. Please let us know if we can help in any way.
The Murff Family

Debi Ostrom said...

Hi fam! In my CORE class I take on Mondays at church (horribly painful exercise class), we take prayer requests at the end.

We lifted up Mel, Austan, and Witt in prayer. After we prayed, a member of my class gave me two examples of hope:

1. His niece was born very sick and was hooked up to everything imaginable, like our dear Witt. Today, she is a ball of energy that you just can't get down.

2. Twenty years ago, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was given a month to live. Twenty years later, she lives a full life with a God that is mighty to save!!

We have been studying Job at church for the past 5 Sundays. We finished this past week. Our pastor pointed out that God NEVER answers Job's question "Why?"

Well, centuries later, we know why. God gave us Job as an example of suffering, the ultimate suffering, and how to praise God in it.

So why we may never know the full realm of why Witt and his parents are going through this, we can take comfort in knowing that God does! I fully believe that God is touching lives through Witt right now. And how awesome to know His plan is bigger than my realm of understanding.

To God be the glory!
Love you guys!