Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Sometimes when it rains it leaves no doubt that God wanted to show us something here on the earth. This morning was one of those days. It rained during the early morning hours and caused a lot of flooding to streets in and around the Houston area today. We were all safe and sound in our homes. Karen is recovering from a virus at a friend's home. She is not able to stay in the house with Witt because of the potential for getting him sick. Witt has been resting and playing during the day, feeling better and getting over the pneumonia that had kept him in the hospital last week. The rain that feel this morning woke even Witt up this morning. Loud claps of thunder followed by dazzling displays of lightning kept even the soundest sleepers awake for a while. I awoke at about 4 a.m. to hear Witt crying and seeing him being lifted from his crib by his mom. Almost by the time I walked down the hall and back into my room the crying had stopped. That was comfort. Witt felt it in his mom's arms and stopped crying. We don't know what God's plan is for Witt's life, but we do know that the comfort and caring arms of Melanie holding her son will stop his crys. I don't know why all the rain fell in Houston today, but I do know that arms of a mom that held her son can comfort and stop the crys of a baby boy named Witt. Thank you God for showing me that today.


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

What a beautiful picture you paint with your words, Jim. Thank you for the update. I'm glad to hear Witt is up and at 'em with his recovery! ~Mindy

Gayle said...

Sweet words, Jim. How precious are the arms of a mom or a dad when they hold their child whom they love so very much! Just like the arms of God when He keeps us securely wrapped in His loving arms. How safe we, too, feel no matter what is going on around us.
I am so glad that Witt is doing better. We pray for him to get stronger and stronger. we love you guys!