Sunday, May 3, 2009


I am well enough to be home again! I swear Witt has grown leaps and bounds over the past 10 days. I truly marvel at God and His ways. First, to have Deela living so close by and put up with not just me but a really sick me as a roommate. Second, undoubtedly God was preparing me for the day when Austan, Melanie and Witt get to move into their home! The days away were hard but God doesn't waste a thing...even a virus! The repairs on Austan and Melanie's house are moving right along. I think it should be finished early June. It's going to be exciting for them!
Witt's pulmonary appointment went well on Friday...sort of uneventful which is great these days! Dr. Ruiz will look at the chest xray that Witt is having tomorrow with his cardiology appointment at 9:40. Once again tomorrow the cardiologists will talk about the bad heart valve and doing the cardiac cath test. First, Witt will have the gtube (more permanent feeding tube) put in...probably sometime this month. Dr. Ruiz will check Witt's lungs out before he gives the okay to the surgeon. Mel and Austan meet with that surgeon this coming Thursday! It's a full week with doctors. Please pray not only for Witt's heart valve and God's perfect timing on the procedures he needs but also protection from getting sick...especially the swine flu. As you can imagine Texas Children is crawling with sick kids and scared parents. We really need Witt to stay healthy and continue to grow in size and strength! Now that I am back at home, here are a couple of videos of the big (and I mean chunky!) Witt!~Karen

If anyone doubted Witt's "chunkiness" or that he is the coolest's proof!


Nancy said...

So glad to hear that you're feeling well again, Karen. I LOVE those sweet rolls on Witt! Nothin's cuter! Love you all--praying that each of you stay well, especially the little man. XO

Gayle said...

We are so glad you are better, Karen It's hard for a grandmom to be away that long!
Witt is growing so much! I love to hear him talk and watch him play with his toys! I love the rolls on his arms! We are praying for all of you!
Love you all,
Bobby and Gayle

trash talk said...

I'll be praying for all his dr.s visits to go well.
OMGoodness! Would you just look at the arms on him. I love babies with rolls!