Monday, March 2, 2009


Last night Witt had to stay in what's called a pod in PCU. There are 4 beds and really no place to sleep. It was a pretty tough night. Melanie and Austan are mainly concerned about Witt catching something from the other 3 kids. What the other kids have is contagious but not air born. Still not very comforting when Witt has had to be kept isolated even from family at times to ensure he doesn't catch anything else. We have been told he is at the top of the list to be moved to a private room on this floor. Right now we have one of our favorite nurses from his Christmas visit. Pulmonary is supposed to come by today. Witt's oxygen is set somewhere between 1/2 to 1 liter. We are a little weary but glad we have a hospital with a staff like this to come to. For me it's back to instant coffee and an Otis Spunkmeyer Muffin! Yesterday in Sunday School we talked about Christ being the Light in the middle of darkness. We tend to think that a certain situation is darkness but darkness can come from your perspective. What's amazing is seeing things from Christ's perspective can turn darkness to light without changing a thing. I am asking God that we see with Christ's eyes and that we see outside Witt's situation to a world right here that is desperate for Light. I am praying that in the midst of taking care of Witt, God will let His light shine through us!!

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Mandi said...

I've never really thought about darkness coming from our perspective rather than our circumstances. Great thoughts...thanks for sharing!