Monday, March 2, 2009


All of the test Witt were given have come back and other than the x-ray everything is good or unremarkable. The x-ray showed a slight difference from the x-ray taken this past Tuesday, so the doctors will treat Witt as if he has pneumonia. He will be admitted and go through some tests today with the pulmonary group at TCH that had been scheduled for this Thursday. The events of this evening continue to show us the power and love God has for Witt and his family. Each moment He teaches and grows us in ways we could not have imagined. Thank you for your prayers and the comments you leave. They are an encouragement and blessing to us all.

When Witt stopped breathing for a moment, we all struggled with the right responses. Thankfully, it's God's strength that carries us to another day and another visit to a hospital that feels like the welcoming arms of our Saviour as we try to walk on water. Our unwavering love for such a fighter like Witt allows God to be God in all our lives. Melanie's love for her son and the heartache she feels as nurses try to take his blood is the weakness and the strength we all feel for those we love...but don't have to experience on such a regular basis as does Melanie. You never get used to coming to the hospital, but God does great and wonderful healings here by helping us breath again.

Don't forget to breath in the love God has for you and to pass it on. Peace and hope is our prayer for you today.


Mandi said...

The hand of God is all over Witt and your family and I just love reading about what He is doing in your lives. I'll be praying for that sweet boy and his parents. All that comes with a hospital visit can't be easy but your faith is a wonderful testimony.

Jenn said...

Thank you to our Father for taking care of our little guy! I will continue to pray for Witt and the faith that each of us continue to have on this journey. I love you all!

Leah J. said...

Praise God for good news! I pray that the doctors can figure out the cause of what happened and how to treat it. I pray peace for Mel, Austan, and the rest of the fam. Thinking of you guys constantly!

Raley Family Blog said...

Praise God for a good report. We are praying for healing for his little lungs. Praying for peace and comfort and strength for Mel and Austan. Love guys.