Sunday, March 22, 2009


Witt continues with lots of "firsts" today! It started with his first home visit from Rise'. This was by no means her first time to see Witt. Rise' headed here to the hospital right away when Witt was born! Witt made lots of first trips to stores as Melanie and Austan took him with them to Old Navy, Target and Ikea!!! We ended the day at a new Denny's. What was really funny was that not only was this Witt's first Denny's stop but we were the very first customers at this Denny's location! God has been so gracious to continue to allow Melanie and Austan (all of us!) to experience so many "firsts" with Witt! As I was thinking about all these "firsts", I am reminded of the greatest "first" ever: "We love because He first loved us". God's love truly is amazing.
Thank you for all your prayers. Witt's oxygen saturation is doing great. Also, Cheryl's eye is's still a little swollen but on the mend! I don't really have much to share about Lissie's brother-in-law but I do know he has not had anymore seizures. Thank you to each of you that have invested so much in Witt's and others lives through prayer...I am eternally grateful!!!

Rise' and Witt

First Customers at Denny's!

Witt's Grand Slam Meal in a Bag!

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Gayle said...

All those "firsts" were really great! I loved the pictures, especially the one at Denny's. What a beautiful family! God has truly blessed all of us! How right you are--it all started because He first loved us! How blessed we are because God loves us! What JOY!
We love all of you and continue to pray for each of you. We continue to pray for healing for Witt, Cheryl's eye, and Lissie's brother-in -law. God knows our exact needs and the plans He has for each of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Precious Lord!!
Bobby and Gayle