Saturday, March 21, 2009

"No matter how long the winter, SPRING is sure to follow." -Proverb

Yesterday morning was a big outing for Witt. He has been approved by the doctors to get out of the house, so Mel, Witt, Karen, Adelaide and I planned a special trip to the store together. It took some time and coordination to make it happen, but it was well worth the effort!
While we were out lots of antibacterial soap was used and we all love the reminder tag on Witt's stroller that says, "Please wash your hands before touching mine." Thank you Nurse Abbe for sharing it with us.
Who knew the day would come that going to Walmart would be such a fun adventure instead of a chore? It was delightful to pick out spring clothes, Easter basket items, toys, and even toiletries and necessities all together! What a wonderful way to spend the first day of spring.

As you pray for Witt today we ask a special prayer for Witt's lungs/oxygen saturation. In the hospital it stayed at 100, but its been dipping some since coming home. He has been much more active and in different positions so hopefully that is the only cause for the change.
Thank you,


Nancy said...

What a special joy that must have been for each of you! The cousins are so cute together. Of course the first trip for every true Southern baby would be Wal-Mart!! FUN!!

Gayle said...

I love the pictures! How fun for all of you to get out and shop! We love each of you and have you firmly in our prayers. We know God's loving arms are wrapped all around each one of you!
Bobby and Gayle