Wednesday, November 5, 2008


you know, i was thinking tonight that the heart is such a crazy thing...not only can it truly HURT and honestly feel like it's breaking, no, SHATTERING into a million pieces, more like SHARDS, shards so small that it would be impossible to ever hope of pasting it back together again...but, then you see a picture of a precious, young mom and her tiny, fragile fighter and suddenly...
that same heart is SMILING and LEAPING!
Our God, The Redeemer, lives and He has been showing off quite a bit lately!!!

Witt had a great day. He ate more than ever and Melanie was told Witt was going to be moved to a lower level of the ICU unit. We know that they will increase his food intake and continue to monitor his intakes and out flows. Witt's cry is getting stronger as he decides this food thing is a pretty good deal.
God is so good as we watch Witt grow and change before our eyes.


cheryl said...

I'm choked up! Can our news get any better?!? And, that picture, that PRECIOUS picture...that's MY Mel!!! and, what a perfectly handsome doll baby is Witt!!! What felt like a nightmare only a little over a week ago now feels like a DREAM!!!
The Great I AM revealing himself daily in my favorite little man! Now, I just hope I can sleep tonight :) My smile is so big it hurts.
To quote Grandbud once again, "This is good, this is good!"
Oh, how I love you guys!

Kelli said...

He looks precious in real clothes!!