Wednesday, November 5, 2008


On this wonderful Wednesday morning Witt is doing great! If you didn't hear, he had a great poop (we have come to appreciate everything.)

I am having to love him from afar because I still feel lousy but I am going to the doctor this afternoon. Melanie is not feeling 100% either and her doctor started her on cold medicine this morning. Prayers are appreciated that all of us can stay well too!

This morning I told Mel that I've always thought the story of her beginning was an incredible one. I was hit by a car while jogging then while I was being x-rayed head to toe they found out I was 2 weeks pregnant at the time. And although her story is still incredible Witt's story outshines them all!! Well actually...God outshines everything!


I just talked with Melanie and she is doing great. She said that Witt is going to be moved to Level 2 ICU soon.

He is going to get at least 22 cc of milk today at each feeding. For reference, 29.5 cc is 1 oz. She said they would steadily increase his food intake. The tube is going to be left in for now so that he will be able to take everything if he doesn’t take the entire bottle himself.

I know Mel and Austan really appreciate what everyone is doing as they take care of Witt. Thanks for your prayers and love as they minister and parent their almost two week old son.

How great is our God!


trash talk said...

Karen, I think the word for today should be "poop". What a wonderful word, just saying it makes me smile. Thinking of y'all always. Debbie

Jess Stevens said...

A good poop is a great thing to be thankful for, PTL for everything!

The Russell Family said...

What great news in the last few posts!! Sweet Witt amazing everyone! God is so GOOD!

Still Praying!

Allison Connor said...

Every update keeps getting better! God is awesome!! I am continuing to pray for all of you along this journey. God provides in all circumstnaces. Blessings to you.

Mandi said...

Hey, you have to appreciate the simplest things in life...even if it is poop!!! Way to go, Witt!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Witt is a super pooper! Hoorah! And yea, God! Thanks for the updates. Prayers for everyones health. ~Mindy

Sheryl said...

A word for the day! POOP! All the plumbing is working and that is definitely a good thing! I am so looking forward to the day when I visit this blog and read where Witt is going home with his Mommy and Daddy! What a celebration of celebrations that will be! In the meantime we can celebrate the little things like "poop". Way to go little guy! Praying for you often!


Gayle said...

What an exciting a day! Praise God for all things in all ways. His love for each of His children never ceases to amaze me! I know God is totally aware of all the needs of Witt and you guys. I pray for good health and rest for all of you. It is so wonderful to hear such awesome news!!!!
Love you all lots,
Bobby and Gayle

Katelyn said...

Praise the Lord for Witt being able to nurse and his poop! He's awesome!

Jenn said...

Way to go Witt! Great news today!Still praying! Mel, I hope you are feeling better! Love you guys!