Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Witt is a happy big brother to be!

Not many things brighten my day like Witt's smile!!!  God continually amazes me through Witt's life and Witt's pure enjoyment of life.  This Friday Witt has his semiannual pulmonary check up with Dr. Ruiz and next Thursday is his cardiology check up with Dr. Macicek.  Sadly, we have been told that Dr. Macicek is moving out of Houston so this might be the last time we see him.  I know that just as God provided Dr. Macicek, He has another doctor ready to step in.  I know I will have to lower my expectations because whoever replaces Dr. Macicek has some mighty big shoes to fill!!

Melanie, has a very important appointment tomorrow at 10:30.  This will be her 5 month ultrasound.  It was at this ultrasound that we were first told that something was wrong with Witt.  All I can say is that God has given us great peace.  I am asking God for a healthy baby, a healthy child to tell the world Witt's story.  I rest in knowing that my God is in control!

Shopping with Witt!


Shelley said...

Sweet smile...in control indeed....blessings

cheryl said...

God is in control and He is so faithful! I am praying for everyone as I type. Specifically at this moment, I'm praying for Mel, Austan, the new blessing and Dr. Putterman...I pray that sweet Dr. P will be allowed to deliver great news but I especially pray that he will be blessed just from meeting the Luphers!

This is one EXCITED aunt!!! I love you all!!!