Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Melanie's ultrasound went great today! The baby is growing well and all measurements were normal. The baby's kidneys were a very tiny bit dilated but the doctor said he sees that a lot and expects it to have corrected itself in 6 weeks. We are very grateful for this great report!!! Friday is Witt's appointment with Dr. Ruiz(Pulmonalogist). Thank you so much for your prayers for all the Lupher's!!


trash talk said...

Praise God!

Jenna said...

Hi Witt and Family
Witt is a brave courageous fighter, and I love his shinning smile.
Hi My Name is Jenna
Tis a lesson you should heed,
Try, try again;
If at first you don't succeed,
Try, try again;
Then your courage should appear,
For, if you will persevere,
You will conquer, never fear;
Try, try again
who invented fire? some bright spark
I was born with a rare life threatening disease, and 14 other medical conditions.

Kathy said...

Hope all is well. Prayers continue for the big brother and little one.