Thursday, October 21, 2010




This was the f
irst Entry in witt's blog. I am printing it here for us all to read again and realize how faithful our god is!!!



Unfortunately, at today's appointment we did not get the news we had wanted. The space in the brain has grown from 10 to 13. This could indicate some form of brain damage which we won't know till the baby is born. I believe that God is calling us to walk the walk. I ask that you pray for Mel and all our family that we look past any results and look to the very face of God. I am still wholeheartedly petitioning God to miraculously heal this baby but we have to have our faith in Him regardless of situations. Honestly, I don't think I have ever been called to walk in this kind of faith and trust. Please pray that God would fill us with immeasurable trust in Him...He is Trustworthy! Whatever God chooses to do in this situation we will praise Him and seek to give Him glory! Mel has her OB appointment this Wednesday. Once again Melanie was hit hard but she has caught her breath and knows that God is in control. She is an incredible testimony to me. She is not pretending that everything is going to be just fine but she manages to keep seeking God and His strength. Please continue to pray for her. She still laughs! I would ask you to pray for me also...that God will strengthen me as we walk through this. "Thank you" falls so short of what I mean but I sincerely thank you all!!!!
God has Faithfully carried us through Witt's first 2 years. God made it almost impossible for us to not see His face with each step. God has healed Witt in so many ways. I have lost count the number of times we were told that Witt was dying. Each time we had doubts God filled us with more than enough trust in Him. God is, has been and will be our Strength!!
Now speaking personally, I want to share just a few of the many things our Faithful Father has taught me through Witt's first 2 years!
I have learned that there is no end to the depth that my God will reach down to pick me up and there is no end to the heights that His love takes me. I have known and wholeheartedly believed that my God is Sovereign but I have learned to trust that sovereignty. Not just knowing but trusting in His sovereignty ushers in a peace that is beyond all human understanding. I have also learned that excruciating pain can exist in the midst of total peace and somehow this peace makes the pain bearable. I have known that He is sovereign and I have learned to trust that Witt will breathe every breath that God has deemed. I have learned to trust that He has the final say in all things. I have known that all things were created by and for Christ and I have learned that undoubtedly, undoubtedly, undoubtedly Witt was created by Christ and for Christ. Witt is created in His image and for His glory. I don’t know of another human being in which the fullness of Christ overflows from more than Witt. I do know that Christ made me for the exact same purpose too. I have known that I am to bring Him glory in all things and I have learned to say, “NEVERTHELESS…NEVERTHELESS, I will praise YOU. You alone are worthy of all honor and glory no matter the circumstances!” I have learned that something that many would say is horrible is one of the greatest blessings in my life. I have most definitely learned to bow down at the throne of Grace and wholeheartedly thank God for Witt…thank Him for Witt just the way he is…perfectly made in the image of Christ! Perfectly made to bring God infinite glory!


Raley Family Blog said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! What a testimony to Christ's love and God's goodness. Thank you for sharing your walk with all of us. We are so blessed to be apart of a family that loves the Lord and seeks and trusts in His perfect will and plan for all of our lives. 2 years old! I can imagine the party that will happen this weekend. Love you all and hugs to everyone ... especially Witt. We continue to ask the Lord to do amazing things in and through Witt's life, we continue to ask for strength for Mel and Austan as they continue on this journey with the Lord and Witt. We continue to pray for Karen as she helps to care for Witt as well as the rest of the family. Miss you all and I am looking forward to the day we can sit and visit for awhile. Love you guys and ENJOY the weekend and the celebration of all that God has done over the last 2 years.

Sonja said...

I've been singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY in my heart all month!! What an incredible day this is going to be. I am SOOOO celebrating with all of you!!

Big hugs!


Ghi said...

I don't know if the angels sing "Happy Birthday", but if they do, I am sure they are singing today! Praise God for Witt, praise God for the McCord/Lupher families, praise God for doctors, praise God for wisdom, just PRAISE GOD!!!

Happy Birthday, Witt!

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday Witt!!

Your story has CHANGED ME. We feel so blessed to know sweet dude!