Thursday, September 23, 2010


The doctors trip wore Witt out!
It was a good visit to the pediatrician's office. Dr. Tapia is on vacation so Witt was seen by someone else. Fortunately she had seen Witt in the hospital. She said Witt actually looks and sounds pretty good. He hadn't had a fever since this morning and Melanie has not had to turn up his oxygen. Witt's runny nose and cough could be allergy related or viral. He was given a breathing treatment and is on steroids for 5 days. They also did a quick strep test which was negative. The visit ended with Witt getting his flu shot! Melanie did ask about taking Witt out of town to the antique show. The doctor said that it should be no problem for him to go assuming he is getting better. Melanie won't make any decisions till tomorrow and may still wait a day or two just to make sure Witt is not getting worse. She is also keeping a close eye on his breathing. He seems to be breathing a little differently. If anyone would notice a slight change Melanie would. Honestly, we are grateful that this doctor's visit did not end up with Witt having to be admitted...we got kind of use to that happening! Please pray that he is getting better and that his breathing returns to normal!!
Today I was reminded how often our circumstances can disappoint us but that my God can never disappoint. My hope and my joy must be found in Him and not in the plans I make. Having said that, I am still praying that Mel, Austan and Witt can join the rest of the family at the antique show and I am trusting God no matter what His answer is!!!

Witt didn't act like he felt bad!


Sonja said...

Good, good, good! Praying that Mel & Witt can go to Zapp... wish I could see you all too, I will always miss being there!



trash talk said...

Happy to hear the visit went well. Absolutely agree...God's plans always work out so much better than ours.

Kelli said...

Praying! It is not too big of a request for God!

Raley Family Blog said...

That is great news. I am praying for him to continue to improve and that they will be able to join you guys at the show. Mom and dad leave today (well it is Friday here already!) They are so excited. Have fun.

elizabeth said...

Praying you all can go on your trip and that Mr. Witt is feeling better!!! He is so beautiful!

Gayle said...

Feeling good or bad, that Witt is the cutest kid! God is precious. We are so glad the doctor visit went good. Such a sweet blessing to know He is taking care of Witt's needs and all of your needs. He even knows the desires of our hearts that Witt, Mel, and Austan are able to go to the antique show. Praying and trusting God for His plans and His perfect timing!
Looking forward to seeing you soon! We are ready to work!
Love all of you,
Bobby and Gayle

rise' said...

Wonderful news! Wonderful God!! We'll see you in Warrenton. I'm just sayin' it!!!