Saturday, May 1, 2010


Witt is sporting a new haircut. Melanie decided
it was time to trim his pretty locks!

Witt's heart rate has been elevated some over the last couple of days. Melanie has talked to the nurse in the pediatrician's office. Many things can cause this one of which is being to dry. It was decided to withhold some of Witt's diuretic. This morning his heart rate is still up a little. Fortunately, he has an appointment with Dr. Macicek(cardiologist) Monday morning. How great is God's Great is our God!!!



Anonymous said...

Oh Boy! Mr.Witt has a big boy hair cut! He look's adorable! just love watching him play, so precious!

Elizabeth said...

sorry I pressed the wrong button anonymous is Elizabeth

rise' said...

And he's still beautiful!!!

Nancy said...

Handsome boy! What a sweet moment that must have been for you, Mel!

annalee said...

i might have mentioned once (or a hundred times) already, but his haircut is really cute!

Room For More said...

How cute!