Monday, May 3, 2010


A big howdy!

Witt had his cardiac appointment with Dr. Macicek today. It went very well. Dr. Macicek was surprised how good Witt's lungs looked! No echo was done just an EKG and that was fine. The plan now is to not make a lot of changes. At some point they may lower the ventilator settings but not right now. Dr. Macicek said that they expect Witt's heart to get worse but they don't have any idea of the timing. We know that there is really not anything more that medicine can do for his heart. That's why I try to leave all my expectations with God! God does know AND He is in control of every breath that Witt takes and every beat of his heart. I don't know the exact plans that God has for Witt but I know He is in control of them. So...I look to God...I expect God....I bow to our King!!!!
It was a good but tiring day
at Texas Children's!


Bettyann said...

Love and hugs to Witt...take care little man..

rise' said...

God's hands are so evident on Witt you can almost see His hand prints on the little guy. I'm in awe.