Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Witt is still doing wonderfully well!! Melanie and I took him on Monday for a blood test but we don't have the results yet. Dr. Macicek made a change in Witt's diuretics and the blood test is a follow up to that. Witt is getting several of his front teeth! He is drooling and chewing on his fingers. Every now and then he grins big enough to see them! Witt is finally on a Medicaid program called CHIPS. Melanie just heard from the man with the Rider 28 program and things are progressing very well there. This is the program that is only dependent on Witt's condition. The man is waiting on one more piece of paperwork then he can send everything to the nursing home where Witt has to stay overnight in order to be accepted into the program.
Right now I marvel at God. I marvel at His sovereignty and I marvel at His provisions! By God's incredible sovereignty Witt was created and formed and by His unfailing provisions every detail continues to be taken care of! By God's sovereignty Witt and all the blessings with him were given to Melanie and Austan. One morning not too long ago I was just sitting with God asking Him how could my life go on as normal when Mel's and Austan's would not. Their life was going to be hard and not so normal. You know what my God said?!!!! He said I have it all wrong...this is Mel's, Austan's and Witt's "Promise Land"!!! This is a "land" filled with blessings and the fullness of Christ. Yes, just as with the Israelites there would be hard times, struggles and battles but it is flowing with milk and honey!!!! Thank You, Lord, that You have led Melanie and Austan to their "Promise Land"...thank You that You, Your strength carry them every step of the way. AND thank You, Lord, that all of us get to taste of their honey...thank You, Lord, for Witt!!!




Sonja said...

What a testimony Witt is! ... he continues to amaze! Honestly, just LOOK at those chubby little arms and legs... it's a beautiful sight. His smiles and responses to you Mel, still bless me the most!! :)

Love you all,


Elizabeth said...

Just love watching Witt play, and I love those chubby little arms just precious!

ali said...

MDCP is a great program, is that what you doing the rider 28 for? We did it to bypass the waiting list. It has been a huge blessing for us. And I am sure that Witt can qualify for lots of support for you guys. I hope it works out soon!

Shelley said...

Precious little Witt...blessings