Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Good Morning!
Melanie said Witt(consequently Melanie and Austan too!) had a long night. Witt's stomach seems to really be bothering him. It could be the antibiotic he is on for the pneumonia. At least with the gtube they are able to vent his stomach before for feeds to help. Teething could also be a contributing factor. Witt has been on the home ventilator again since yesterday. The home ventilator doesn't work exactly like the hospital one so the settings are having to be tweaked some. Witt was definitely breathing faster but that's better now with the adjustments. Today Witt's new "stroller" is being delivered. This thing is is made especially for Witt and will neatly carry all his necessary equipment. The Physician's Assistant mentioned next Wednesday for Witt's new go home date!! Please pray that Witt's lungs continue to dry up and his stomach feels better. Pray also for rest for Mel and Austan. Each day they have been leaving the hospital for a short bit to continue moving into their house and last night they got very little sleep. I am asking God to reveal Himself to them as their Sustainer!

Witt loves his purring Lion!!


Bettyann said...

Witt is so precious..I will pray for his health and going home...take care..

cheryl said...

I love those Luphers!!! Can't wait to see Witt's new many exciting things on the horizon! God is always faithful and I am asking Him to rejuvenate Mel and Austan physically...I'm still in awe of their stamina, especially the stamina of their faith...WOW!

Antique Therapy said...

Try giving little Witt some probiotics for his belly, They will replenish the good bacteria in his gut that the antibiotics killed off and will eventually help his tummy! Hope he feels better!