Monday, April 12, 2010


Witt seems better today. Yesterday afternoon he did not tolerate his IPV treatment. Vickie was here...we two grandmothers decided enough was enough! He became really agitated, sweaty and very pale. It took Witt several hours to recover so Mel has asked that he not receive any more of these treatments. He will definitely not be going home this week. The plan tomorrow is to put him back on his home ventilator. The people from the Rider 28 program are coming on Monday for the initial evaluation. Melanie and Austan continue to get things ready at their home. It's taking a while because after the hurricane destroyed it, we had to quickly pack things up with no light and rain coming in! But it is beautiful now and will always be a wonderful example of God and His faithfulness. However, the most incredible example of His faithfulness is Witt!!! Thank You, Lord that undeniably You hold Witt's life in Your trustworthy hands!!!




trash talk said...

Good for y'all. I'll continue praying for God's guidance through all of this and for all of you to be be going home soon.

Marjie Murff said...

Precious videos of Witt, and wonderful news that Mel and Austan's home is almost complete after the remodeling! Prayers continue for Witt's pneumonia to be healed, along with other issues, so that he can go home!